Patient stories

Real-life examples of how the RightMed® test has changed lives

Debilitating side effects, uncontrolled symptoms, and medications that simply are not working are some of the reasons patients and their doctors seek out the RightMed test. The RightMed test, which analyzes a patient’s DNA to predict how he or she may respond to hundreds of medications, helps doctors prescribe more effective medications. These patient stories are real-life examples of how the RightMed test has changed lives.



A mother believes the RightMed test saved daughter’s life by helping to find the right depression medication

Read Emma's story



A mother of two being treated for brain cancer finds relief from medication side effects after the RightMed test

Read Pam's story



A mother and daughter discover the RightMed test on their journey to find the right anxiety medication for the daughter

Read Carly's story



Years of unanswered questions about a daughter’s seizures simplified through the RightMed test

Read Emily’s story



Traumatic medical event led mother, son to try the RightMed test

Read Peyton's story



A heart scare and hospital visit leads woman to the RightMed test and to a genetic discovery

Read Karen's story

Patient stories in the news

Is Your Medication Helping or Hurting? DNA Tests May Be a Guide

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Right the first time: How a Minneapolis company uses DNA tests to limit the side effects of psychiatric meds

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