OneOme RightMed Advisor

Interactive tool for providers

Expert interactive pharmacogenomic guidance

For providers and pharmacists, the RightMed® test includes the RightMed Advisor, an online, interactive tool for accessing OneOme’s expertly curated pharmacogenomic database. The tool provides insight into the pharmacologic impact of genomic variants and drug-to-drug interactions, a summary of pharmacogenomic clinical guidelines, and curated lists of alternative medications.

OneOme, co-developed and exclusively licensed with Mayo Clinic, has developed the RightMed comprehensive test, an end-to-end solution which includes sample collection, pharmacogenomic testing services, data analysis, clinical interpretation, and interactive reporting. The RightMed test covers hundreds of medications across many disease areas.

Providers can easily:

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    Search, filter, and
    select medications
    based on indication

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    Search, filter, and select
    medications based on
    patient’s medical history

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    View detailed
    about medications

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    Identify alternative
    medications for
    your patient

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    Explore drug-drug

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    custom reports

Personalized reporting

The RightMed Advisor includes powerful customization features to search, filter and select medications based on indication and/or patient’s medical history. Providers also can generate custom drug reports for any combination of medications covered by the RightMed test.

After you have selected drugs of interest, you can save and download a custom report.

These reports may be useful for:

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      sharing with a patient, pharmacist, or other provider when discussing new medication therapy management
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      adding to patient’s electronic medical record

Advantages of the RightMed Advisor

This online interactive tool represents a single place to get all of the information a provider or pharmacist may need when interpreting pharmacogenomic test results.


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      Save time by aggregating information from multiple clinical resources — FDA, Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC), and Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG) — that are updated regularly as new information is made available
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      Simplify complex pharmacogenomic results in an intuitive,
      searchable format, color-coded based on the patient's genotype
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      Easily review details on the medications, dosing recommendations, and alternative medications that may work best for your patient based on their genotype and metabolism status.

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      Investigate drug-to-drug interactions for current and future prescribed medications
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      Customize reports with targeted, timely information based on their current health condition

See the RightMed Advisor in action by watching this tutorial video.

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