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Delivering clinically actionable pharmacogenomic results

The OneOme RightMed comprehensive test provides valuable insight into how a patient may respond to medications, which providers can easily interpret with OneOme’s various reports. OneOme offers three distinct report types—the RightMed comprehensive test report, RightMed Advisor custom reports, and specialty reports. Each report provides concise and actionable content in a format optimized to guide treatment.

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RightMed comprehensive test report

The RightMed test results are provided in a clinically actionable, easy-to-read report that classifies hundreds of medications based on the patient’s predicted gene-drug interaction:

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Of the hundreds of medications categorized on the report, any that the provider noted during the time of order as being most relevant to the patient are highlighted on the report to increase their visibility. A consolidated summary of the results for these specific medications is also provided on the report.

The insights in the RightMed comprehensive test report may help providers make more informed prescription decisions and avoid trial and error.

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RightMed Advisor report

RightMed Advisor reports allow providers to get a more in-depth look at the subset of medications most relevant for a patient. Along with genotype results and medications classified by their predicted gene-drug interaction, this report contains detailed information on the selected medications, including provider considerations/clinical annotations, dosing guidelines, and medication alternatives.

These reports can be generated by the provider by entering a list of medications at the time of order or within the RightMed Advisor at any time after the test results have been reported.

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OneOme also offers the option for institutions to create preselected RightMed Advisor custom reports that are automatically generated with each order. This flexibility allows institutions to tailor pharmacogenomic reporting to the unique needs of their providers and patients. Contact SUPPORT for more information about this option.

RightMed specialty reports

RightMed specialty reports

RightMed specialty reports include a subset of medications selected by OneOme according to a specific medical specialty or practice area. Specialty reports are optimized to provide a more streamlined, consolidated view of medications that are relevant to a particular specialty area, like psychiatry or oncology.

Currently available are:


Psychiatry specialty report

Contains a subset of medications used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions.

Psych report


Oncology specialty report

Contains a subset of medications used in oncology, including chemotherapies and supportive care medications.

Oncology report

Report comparison

  RightMed comprehensive test report RightMed Advisor report Specialty report
Medications included All classifiable Selected by provider Selected by OneOme
Classification of medications by predicted gene-drug interaction Yes Yes Yes
Gene and phenotype summary Yes Yes Yes
Genotype results Yes Yes Yes
Analytical test results Yes    
Drug-to-drug interactions   Yes  
Detailed drug information for medications of interest   Yes  

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